Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Short of Homecoming

I am actually astonished that between now and my last post, this blog has gotten 942 hits. What I can't quite put my finger on is why. Not that I genuinely care. I don't. Not really. Also, if I haven't publisher your comments, it's not because I have too many commenting awaiting moderation (I don't), or because I was gone (I get emails every time I get a new comment). I didn't publish it because I didn't like what you had to say (I hate you) and I think you're banal. Your comment was neither provocative enough to warrant a small expenditure of some of my amazing time offering you a reply, or your comment was just mindlessly cheering me on (like I need any encouragement). Tell your therapist about it. He gets paid to listen to you whine about things he/she has no emotional investment in.BTW there's nothing inherently interesting about the fact that you're offended or that you disagree with me- and I don't have to publish your comments simply because you have a differing point of view. You disagree? Start your own blog and disagree the hell out of my posts on. Hell, I might even read and 'like' it on FB (put prob not).
Well, I'm back, and it feels good to be home.


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