Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Control Group- Subject #02 Not-So-Psychic Predictions

#1 I believe that the stability of the globes climate is going to take a leap and 
spiral downward 
#2 I believe a big TV icon shall die in the same base publicity as Michael Jackson
or Billy Mayse 
#3 Therese going to be an assassination attempt on President Obama 
#4 Nasa shall make yet another great discovery in the cosmos 
#5 The 2012 prophecy is going to escalate 
#6 The war in the east is going to take a sudden turn 
#7 a breakthrough in cancer treatment 
#8  A great scandal "similar to Quammy Kilpatric" in high places 
#9 Many people will die in natural disasters this year 
#10 and Dan dirty apes shall inherit the earth! lol jkjkjk 
The economy shall greatly stabilize


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